What We Do

StrategicVisions is an Oregon-based innovation consultancy. We help small and medium manufacturing companies change their organizations, create visionary products, enter new markets, and grow their businesses.

Panoramic view of Portland, OregonOrganizations seeking to move forward and improve, require cultures of innovation and the internal systems to sustain these cultures, and to launch new ventures, or create brands, and foster interactive experiences that bring them to life.

We are very experienced in High-Tech, semiconductors, wireless ,instrumentation, medical, manufacturing and service industries.

Our Approach: People Delivering Value

“Innovation is no longer just about changing the form, format, or function anymore; it is a method of thinking and idea generation that leads to the  creation of customer value; it lets you see and change your future…people driven innovation-thinking is the new Management Best Practice”

Managers embracing innovation can transform the way organizations develop products, services, processes, and strategies. Embracing innovation brings a visionary focus to an organization which is desirable from a human point of view, especially when there is a process for establishing technological and economic viability. It also allows people who weren’t trained as innovators to learn and use creative tools to address a vast range of idea options.

Case Study

In one case, a particular ‘division’ of a large company was in urgent need of modernizing and expanding its product lines. The existing products had been around for a number of years and were in desperate need of being brought up to date technologically, functionally, and with much greater cost effectiveness.We employed a twofold approach to evaluating the positioning of existing products and looked for new product opportunities using a ‘Technology Forecasting’ technique called Morphological Mapping. In one case we used the morphological maps (in a fashion similar to Mendeleev’s Table of Chemicals Elements) and looked for holes in the map, trying to identify new products that might be missing from the technological spectrum.Secondly we used another technological forecasting technique called Road-Mapping. The most satisfactory outcome of these processes was not just the identification of possible new products, but the effect the process had on the team environment. Suddenly engineers had something they could get their arms around, and now were able to talk with marketing and sales people about; applications and potential customers. Now we’re cooking with gas, one engineer remarked.

All the work of StrategicVisions is done with the needs of its clients and their customers in mind. As we collaboratively work towards a final solution, we assess and reassess what we have jointly accomplished. Our goal is to deliver appropriate, actionable, and tangible results, which are: new innovative avenues for growth, that are grounded on viable business opportunities, that meet the needs of the market.