Is Innovation for You?

businessman with a new idea or visionThe paradox of innovation is that profit opportunities only exist in the face of uncertainty. Attempts (by many companies) to innovate fail. Stepping outside of a well-known box and into one that may be more attractive but of which little is known creates opportunities for failure. However trying to innovate without risk and uncertainty is not possible. This is why many executives choose to adopt the ‘apparent innovation’ of Lean Six Sigma. But there is no innovation without uncertainties.

What We Do

Strategic Visions will help you determine if your company is ready for innovation and also remove the potential for a failed investment and disrupted operations should you choose to implement new innovative strategies.

We will help you gauge the degree of uncertainty and define an acceptable level of risk for you, all while enabling you to innovate without a disruption in your operational performance. Your managers will receive mentoring and hands-on training in the following areas as implementable steps to ensure continuous and successful innovation.

  1. Build a culture of innovation – assuring the right people & alignment
  2. Building cross-functional teams
  3. Analyzing competitors and their strategies
  4. Assessing customer needs & wants; jobs-to-be-done (ODI)
  5. Strategies and optimized resource utilization
  6. Making project & product portfolio decisions – visionary innovation
  7. Creating and launching necessary business models

Will our ideas succeed? This question is commonly asked by executives and their teams and their answer affects decisions made regarding a new product or service. Most often, executive teams “play it safe” and vote only to incrementally extend the capabilities of their current products, and seek to grow their business through sales (and some marketing) activities.

The unique analytic ‘evaluation processor’ provided by Strategic Visions will provide the assurance of success (or failure) of your strategies based on technology, the business environment, and the competition. The objective for our clients is that they will lead the competition in the marketplace, grow their current business in the short term and expand their augmented businesses over the longer term.