Growth Opportunities

successful businessman with upward sales trendsFewer than 6% of company-launched growth initiatives show sustained growth after three years. Of those initiatives that do achieved sustained growth, 75% of them completely fail  to achieve any measurable growth levels after that initial three years.

Almost all companies have a desire to achieve growth. Some companies will take a strategic approach to the problem, but often others settle for just trying to sell more of their current products or services.

The real question is not whether to grow your business, but rather where and how to invest in its growth, with the lowest risk. Strategic Visions advises our clients to grow their business within the boundaries of their current core business, which is augmented by innovation. Thus, the risks of entering new markets are mitigated by growth through innovations and incremental improvements linked to core business.

How We Help

StrategicVision’s “Growth Through Innovation” strategy process establishes a live framework for aligning ideas with action and results. We will help you identify growth opportunities, assess strategic options, define a vision for your future, and clearly lay out the path forward.

The heart of your strategic roadmap will be a “how-to” plan for delivering value to customers in specific market segments over time, supported by the strategies, capabilities, technologies, partnerships, and business models required for success in the short, mid, and longer terms.


We help our clients grow their business incrementally, at an achievable sustained rate, over the long term, by developing the following:​

  • An effective management/talent team
  • An effective highly engaged workforce
  • Identification and validation of growth opportunities
  • Solid growth/innovation strategies that are linked to the company’s core
  • Strategies that that enable penetration of adjacent markets
  • Innovative approaches to defeating competition
  • Business models aligned with a company’s core and customer needs