Game Changing Strategies

businessman on a chess boardInnovation must be the central driving force for any business desiring to grow and succeed in the short and long terms. Today’s unique products or services become tomorrow’s commodity. Winning against competitors, and changing the game when necessary, requires finding new ways to sustain revenue and profit growth, while implementing processes of innovation.

Our approach to developing innovation strategies provides a road map that clearly defines the dimensions of innovative approaches required, based on your company’s core, its people, and its desires. This road map highlights a route to an innovative future for your company, placing achievement milestones along the way.

How We Help

StrategicVisions has created a unique approach to strategy development that deals with the uncertainties of innovation that make traditional planning tools less effective.Through a series of strategic dialogues, we help leaders create a vision, build teams, and communicate a unified view of how the organization is positioned for sustained growth.

Working with senior and team leaders, we explore how various internal and external forces (business environment, technology, competition, etc.) will likely impact your company and industry, and identify where opportunity lies for your company.


  • A clear diagnosis of your internal innovation condition
  • Shared understanding of your innovation ambition
  • Identification of your most important opportunity areas
  • Knowledge of the capabilities, assets and partnerships needed for success
  • A clear, risk-balanced set of initiatives
  • Strategies for embracing open innovation principles and practices
  • Successful innovation templates, with detailed funding and aligned metrics