Kathy Maixner Presentation 3-18-14

USING COLLABORATIVE SELLING TECHNIQUES - MP3 TO INCREASE YOUR SALES SUCCESS! So you’re tired of hearing, “No”, tired of approaching strangers who will probably never give you a dime for your services and more than tired of picking up a phone where the call leads to rejection. If this sounds like you, understand there’s hope! This presentation will show you how to use specific words and language to draw others to your message.  Many consultants and small business owners recoil at the word, “sales”, when in fact, without sales, a company quickly becomes a non-company! Come take the fear Read More >

Funding Your Startup: Bootstrapping Part 2

Angel or VC Moneys  - Waiting for funding may actually raise the probability of obtaining Angel or even VC funds. Limited funds limits the performance and success a startup can achieve, and/or determines its solvency. Angel moneys (and VC $s) is often invested later in a startup's growth cycle. Waiting until a company is further developed, gives an entrepreneur greater control in running a company. There will be fewer questions and less monitoring pressure from investors. In effect the new company can be more flexible and agile and be better positioned to deal with the ambiguities Read More >

Funding Your Startup: Bootstrapping Part 1

The recent great recession may force 'Bootstrapping' to be the primary funding strategy for many startup companies, for the next few years. Where would startup companies be without Angel Investors? We will find out. In 2013 Angel group investment trends for 1st Half represented a total of 379 deals with $461 Million invested in total rounds, including co-investors. The Angel Capital Association recently conducted an Angel investments survey; half the respondents believe they will receive more investment requests in 2014 than in 2013 the growth trend in the NW is +6.8%. Angel liquidity, Read More >