Business Development

business developmentBusiness Development (Biz Dev) is not just about finding new clients, or new sales opportunities! Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. It’s about creating opportunities for an exchange of value, driven by innovation, that will persist over the long-term. Creating long-term value is the only true way for an organization to succeed in a consistently changing business environment.

It is the process of discovering and diagnosing the unknowns that can help grow a company. The key is to focus on the specific factors, such as technology, products, markets, channels, etc., that define growth for your business. Then seek out the partnerships, people, and the processes that will make these factors work for you in creating and exchanging value with customers.

We will help you migrate your business away from a “hunting for your next kill” sales-driven approach towards a service-based model of “farming” client relationships. This model involves clearly defining and targeting your value proposition (for innovations and new products and services) and moving to a customer-relationship-based model. This will help you to build strong ongoing and sustainable revenues over the long-term.

How We Help

StrategicVisions’ Biz Dev services help identify the problems that innovation can solve and creates a roadmap of how (and how much) to turn these ideas into functional, blossoming businesses. We work with B2B companies in creating and launching innovative processes, products, and services. We are experts at forming strategic alliances that are increasingly required for collaboration with multiple stakeholders, parallel companies, customers, users, suppliers, etc.


  • Improve business-connected innovation environment
  • Sharpen focus on customers, their needs, and requirements to solve problems
  • Increase business development success, such as winning deals
  • Develop stronger coupling between innovation and developing new businesses
  • Increase the likelihood of securing funding for new ventures
  • Manage innovation for ongoing—and faster—success
  • Create strategic alliances (JVs, partnerships)  that provide reach for innovations
  • Couple business models with innovations and prospective customers