Building Innovation Capabilities

business ideas drawn on wallInnovation is delivered by people with talent who are part of an organization that embraces a culture of innovation. And when people and their talents are aligned, good things happen.

However, there are no standard templates for innovation. Each company has differing sets of goals and objectives for innovation, different systems, different people, different processes, and different constraints. Developing capabilities that match (and possibly change) an organization’s aspirations, values and culture is critical for delivering results from innovation. Successful innovation looks different for every company, but the process of identifying and understanding the differing elements and requirements for success is well known to StrategicVisions.

How We Help

StrategicVisions believes that a deep understanding of innovation and success is related to people and organizational culture. We begin our approach by assessing existing capabilities or talents within a company’s staff and determining how those capabilities align with the operation of the company and its desire to innovate.

We then identify potential internal barriers to innovation capabilities based on the company’s culture, core beliefs, and the vision of management. Finally, the company’s history of success and failure is evaluated and we use our understanding of these events to create an environment ripe for company-specific innovation.


  • Numerical assessment of management and talent
  • Assessment of current “innovation system”
  • Enabling a culture and environment of innovation
  • Delivery of innovation roadmap
  • Align talent with innovation and operational strategies
  • Delivery of innovation metrics system
  • Assurance that company adopts innovation best practices
  • Innovations with current operations improve a company’s performance